воскресенье, 29 ноября 2009 г.

Traffic Jams

Everyone know that traffic jams are very terrible. You are stuck on the road for hours and if you are late somewhere then it's more worse.
This summer I was going by the bus to meet someone and unfortunately everyone was going home from work that time so it wasn't very fun :( But you know, Maardu bus drivers are awesome :D The man who was driving the bus without hesitating drove into the pedestrian footpass and bypassed the rest of the cars. That was fun. It is a pity that not all traffic jams are so fun.
I bet that those traffic jams are problem of a whole world but how we should deal with it? Build new roads, reduce amount of people and cars :), make our roads as wide as possible or what? Anyway it would need tons of money and time. Money I can print, but you can't get back the time.

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