воскресенье, 29 ноября 2009 г.

A Report

To: the School Magazine
From: Classified
Date: 29.11.09
Subject: The local transport situation

The aim of the report is to examine the transport situation in Maardu, a small town in the north of Estonia.

There are several positive things.
a) Buses are very cheap and the drivers are kind.
b) I don't have to pay if you go somewhere in the town by bus, but outside the town I need to pay for the ticket.
c) There is a good bicycle track which runs by the side of the river.

However, there are many things which could be improved.
a) Comptroller is always disturb me when I sleeping.
b) The social transport is quite slow and sometime dirty.
c) While the bus drivers are very kind the drivers of minibuses are often inadequate.

On one hand Maardu is a nice town with good places and good people. On the other hand, people need to do something to control the traffic which is not very nice.

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