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Hancock movie Review

Hancock is a action-comedy film directed by Peter Berg and starring Will Smith, Jason Bateman and Charlize Theron.

It tells the story of a vigilante superhero, named John Hancock whose reckless actions routinely cost the city millions of dollars. Eventually one person he saves
wants to change Hancock's public image for the better.

John Hancock is a drunkard with superpowers, including superhuman strength, invulnerability, flight at supersonic speeds, regeneration of wounds, and of course
immortality. Although he uses his powers to rescue people and stop criminals, his activities always cause millions of dollars in property damage due to his
constant reckless actions and bad attitude. In the beginning of the movie, the damage done by Hancock to stop a robbery cost nearly as much as the robbers stole.

As a result of the uncontrolled destruction, he is hated by the public and is considered a nuisance by the Los Angeles Police Department.

The film has many good points but like all films it also has some bad points too. In the first part of the film it's a good Hollywood action blockbuster with
good effects and those first fifty minutes pretty much make up a self-contained movie...and then it keeps going with a much darker tone and a lot of plot
development that only make sense about half the time.

This film deals with problems such as being responsible for your actions and that with great power comes great responsibility. The film is very funny and attractive

To sum up I would say that Hancock may be as strong as Superman, but he's nowhere near as virtuous. Instead, he's as gruff as Wolverine and as drunk as Tony Stark
on one helluva party. But this is a film that everyone must watch.

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