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In the fantasy genre storyline usually features a young man or woman who are in some kind of made-up world. They fight with their foes, travel with their friends seek danger and do other cool stuff. Novel Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling is one of the best fantasy book that I have ever read.
The title of the book, Harry Potter, not only a name of the book but also a name of the main hero of the story. Harry is a 11 year boy who lost his parents when he was a baby and was living miserable life with his aunt and uncle. But one day he discovers that he is a magician and got an invitation from magical school Hogwarts. He didn't want to lose his only chance to get out of his grim and empty life. He take a sit on the train to Hogwarts and his new life of magician begins.
The book's greatest strengths are it's uniqueness and exciting story of the main hero. Harry's adventures in magical school are hilarious. He beat gigant snake, found the philosopher's stone and even fought the world most dangerous magician.
Harry Potter is "must read book". And if you haven't read it - you should do it.

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