среда, 19 января 2011 г.

A Description of an Event

About a year ago I went to a great opening of a new exhibition in a museum of dinosaurs. It was was a very interesting
and unique event that I would not forget.
It started with a speech by one of the organisators, John Smith, who explained how their museum was different from other similar ones. As he said, their exhibition is unique because they have more exhibits than other museums and also they have better quality of the data. Then he told us than now we can freely walk around and examine exhibits. As the exhibition was so huge, there were maps and signs everywhere in case anyone got lost.
The exhibition started in a big, green chamber with trees as scenery to reflect the main theme of the exhibition - the Mesozoik Era.
We looked at the scenery and dinosaurs with our mouths wide open as gentle music played in the background to get us in the perfect mood.
Then, our guides dressed like ancient people, took us to the next room where we could see the greatest of all dinosaurs - T-Rex.
To sum it up, I would say that the opening if this exhibition was a really fantastic event. The idea of launching an exhibition with an interactive event like this, so that the public can really experience it, is an example for other museums to follow.

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