пятница, 15 января 2010 г.


14th January 2010
Dear Editor,
I am writing to protest about the new factory near the lake. Most people were against the idea but goverment didn't listened to us
Creating a new jobs improving our country industry is good but there is a one trouble. This factory building will stand closely to a lake and of course all the waste products will be thrown into it.
Fish will be harmed and lake become very dirty. This isn't good and we must stop this nonsense
We would like to offer to the government another way. There is a vast area of unusing land in about 10 km east from this place. This place is covered with field and doesnt connect to any lakes and rivers. So it won't pollute anything.
I am looking forward to see this article in the newspaper.
Yours faithfully,
Andrei Nekrashevich

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