понедельник, 28 сентября 2009 г.


It is aprill 1945. It is a time of a Second World War. It is very cruel and long war. Over 50 million people died.
John is an American soldier. He know that tomorrow he can die. Tomorrow they attacking capital of Germany - Berlin. It will be a difficult fight. Many men will die, but if they win, the war will be over. But if they lose... The consequences will be terrible.
Today they are attacking germans. John is very nervous. He is crossing across the corpses of people. His group is having a big casualties. But their will to win is strong. A bit longer and they will win.
They are in Berlin. John was wounded in the shoulder, but continues to go. The win is very close.
They have did it!! They have won! Berlin has fallen! The war... Is over!!!

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